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The Blount County Bakery brand and products were born for a love of my community and East Tennessee. The brand design was an intentional idea not to follow trendy fads, but to incorporate the bold impression of old school design. Incorporating the Blount county courthouse into the brand design came quite natural. The clock tower of the historic Blount county courthouse is iconic and easily recognizable. The red top of the courthouse has been incorporated into our branding as well. If you see our delivery van, or other marketing material, take note of the red top. Blount county is warm, friendly, and simply an incredible place to raise a family. Our products are a reflection of the Blount County community and its diverse cultural demographics.

I was given my first cookbook at the age of 7 and it has been a never-ending search for baking inspiration since. After attending culinary school later in life, the natural path of life led me to an elite cake design school in Toronto followed by a long internship with the world recognized cake designer, Maggie Austin. The road kept winding and led me to a pastry chef position at the elite Sacagawea Hotel Three Forks, Montana. Then it was simply time to pull up my boot straps and do my own thing. Which led me into opening OvenArt, a local cake design studio. Creating beautiful works of art for a bride brings me joy and it’s something I still am very active in. However, it was simply time to expand and offer products for all and not just weddings.

Over the coming months and years, I’ll be refining the Blount County Bakery product line as the market dictates. Customers will find both East Tennessee traditional products and unique products. We intend to seek unique products from other bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, candy makers and more from our region and offer those to our customers.

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